Tuesday, July 2, 2013

In A Nutshell - March

March - March came in like a lion and went out like a lion.  It was pretty much all lion, all month.  At least here in Dramaville.  As work finally wound down all the other things I'd been ignoring for months  swarmed in to claim my attention.  It was exactly like that - a big swarm of everything buzzing in my ears demanding attention.

Here's what bubbled to the top...

There's a store here in L.A. called Whimsic Alley.  
For a Potterhead where could be a better place to visit on your birthday?!

Later, at home, Hagrid made her cake.

What's a celebration without Chocolate Frogs?

Plus a few besties for a Hogwarts style feast?

It was a pretty Potterific celebration!

Speaking of Magical Celebrations...

A special lil' bunny hopped on by our house and left some sweet surprises...

Winston thought it was pretty amazing!

There were plenty of treats to go around!

In the end, everyone was happy that Spring had hopped on in!

In A Nutshell - February

February - You were a bit of a blur too.  The routine was now: dog, work, dog, school stuff, dog, mom stuff, dog, sleep, repeat.

Somewhere in between all of that we put together a little thing called the Blue, Gold, and Pink Banquet.  Some of you who know Boy Scouts might be familiar with the Blue & Gold Banquet, but in our ward this year we added the Activity Day Girls in for some awards and fun - thus the Pink.  Because of my calling in Primary, I ended up deep in the middle of it all.  Our theme was "campfire".

I had the Mr. make us a "campfire" we could gather 'round for our program.

I made the awards and lanyards for our Activity Day Girls

The campfire theme travelled to our table decorations with some help from one of our Activity Day leaders.

I made these super cute and easy flag garlands.  
I loved how they brought the colors in, but kept the decorations simple.

For the cake competition my girls and I made this campfire cake.  The girls especially liked breaking the Pirouette cookies and smooshing the melted Starbursts to look like flames.

There's Lil'Sis getting her awards.

Big Sis was proud to get her awards too!

It was a fun night, but a bit of a blur in the middle of everything else we had rolling at the time. 
 I'm glad we captured a few pictures or I would never have remembered it!  
Sometimes that's just the way it is in Dramaville...

In A Nutshell - January

Well, suddenly here it is July and as per usual, blogging has been pushed to the very bottom of a very long list.  However, today I find myself a little tied down as I comfort one sad little pup after his recent "Procedure" at the vet's.  But, wait.  I seem to have forgotten that Winston's arrival in Dramaville hasn't quite made it to the blogosphere yet.  So, seeing as I have 6 months to recap, I'll just highlight the events of major importance from the last few months.


Oh, January.  You were such a blur.  Fascinating and exhausting.  I spent the month juggling a full but temporary job with a full but very permanent life as mother, wife, school volunteer, and church volunteer.  Life was pretty much work, school stuff, food-mom-wife stuff, work, sleep, repeat.  However, there was one very important little thing that happened about halfway through the month that changed our lives dramatically (and in Dramaville, that's saying something!)

We welcomed a little addition to our family.  No, not what you're thinking, but close...

Meet Winston

Hey, lil' guy!

Guess whose dog he is?  

That face. 

Suuuuper Win!

So, you see - things got a little hairy around here.  
But, we love it.  
That's just life in Dramaville.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

That's a wrap!

So, I realized as I finished my last post that I didn't really say much about us or our year.  It was less "wrap up" and more "three month meander."  Let's do one more take and keep it super simple:

The Boyz:

9 months old

They love: 
wet food, outside, watching out the front windows, climbing, playing, pouncing, catching bugs and bringing them in the house (ew!), drinks right from the faucet, racing around like crazies.

Yes, Jinx.  I mean you.  
You too, Ollie.

That is an excellent demonstration of what you boys have been up to, Ollie!
Well done!

Oh, are we boring you, Jinx?  
Little Sis:
8 years old, 3rd Grade

Harry Potter, reading, crafts & sewing, friends, girl scouts, school, snuggling with her Ollie Boy, mischief of any kind, teasing her dad, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, legos, animals, turtles & penguins, sparkles, singing and dancing

Big Sis:
10 years old, 5th Grade (!!!)

Harry Potter, TV (especially classic 80's cartoons), Hero Factory, Voltron, Super Heroes, My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, Science, Girl Scouts, lions, animals, knights, tools and helping dad in the shop, legos, snuggling with the kitties, staying in pajamas all day, snuggling with Mom & Dad, swimming

The Mister:
Manufacturing Engineering Manager 
2nd Counselor, Bishopric

Working in his wood shop, wood of all varieties - favorite is Maple,  tools, vacations, planning vacations, books on CD, working on his traditional German candle pyramid project, German chocolate, planning wood projects, fishing, teasing his children & his wife (or anyone else in the vicinity)

Weitzel Family Zookeeper 
NAEP Testing Coordinator (Dec.-Mar. only)
School Volunteer (Art Program & Room helper)
Girl Scout troop leader
2nd Counselor, Primary (recently called - Gulp!)

Reading, napping, crafting, snuggling kids & pets & husband, chocolate, not having to decide on or make dinner, a clean house (but I don't like making it clean, hah!), music, laughing, cool fall and spring weather (boo to heat!), vacations, quiet, electric blanket, my David Austin roses, my yard when it's tidy, strawberries, being able to find something when I need it, people who are kind to each other, "grumpy cat" Tardar Sauce, people who don't take themselves too seriously, Eureka, Warehouse 13, Castle, a good story, cookies and milk 

That pretty much sums us up for now, in all our wild and woolly glory.  It's been a good year, but certainly not without struggles.  We're all still very much works in progress, but we can see there has been lots of growth for all of us this year.  

And, growing pains are just another part of life in Dramaville.

Weitzel Winter Wrap Up

Well, the Christmas cards have gone out and as I have put our blog site on them, I suppose I ought to throw something up here as a welcome for any visitors!


I've hit that point in the holiday season when the to-do list has grown longer than the number of brain cells I have available to process and complete the items on it, so if this post wanders around a bit, I apologize.

It's been a very full Fall and Winter around here!  There was this:

Then, in November, just before Thanksgiving, I hostessed the last of the little movie premier parties where I usually make some fun little goodies like these:

Can you guess which movie?

Then in rapid succession: Thanksgiving, training and prep for the December art project at school, new calling in church, birthday parties, work parties, gone to training for work for four days, work, school events to plan and do, holiday preparations - Santa's little elves have been hard at work in the workshop this year, and now finally, a minute to update the blog when I should be folding laundry, doing my stuff for my job, wrapping presents, and about 50 other things.  

Despite the full calendar and to-do list we are full of the holiday spirit here.  We love getting Christmas cards in the mail and putting them up on our wall to enjoy.  It's so fun to catch up with where our friends and family are and see how much everyone has grown.  I love putting up the tree with all of our ornaments from our different milestones and vacations, they bring back such great memories.  This year we've added some extra special touches to our traditional decorations - mostly involving tin foil strategically placed to discourage things like this:

The boys think Christmas is just for them and that we are the bestest ever for bringing in all these wonderful new playthings for them, and it's so fun to get chased all over too!  So many fun new games and toys for the boys.  Did you know that cats apparently like the taste of olive wood?  You didn't?  Yeah.  Neither did I.  Let's just say that my extra special precious nativity set made out of olive wood has a new shiny tin foil-ie look.  

So, that's all the news that's fit to print.  There's a fair amount that isn't, so thank your lucky sanitized stars I'm not in the "sharing" mood!

And now, I think I'll take a leaf out of the boys book and go get cozy....

Nigh' nigh'!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

By the numbers

My day in numbers:

Number of times I woke up: 2 (once for the Mr. and once for me)
Number of times I said "knees down" to Lil Sis at breakfast: 30 + (Breakfast only lasts about 20 min.)
Number of copies I made for the art project this morning: 85
Number of 5th graders I taught the art project to: 75 (all at once!)
Number of other parent volunteers helping at the art project otherwise I would have run screaming from the room: 4
Number of times I've had to say "One Two Three, All Eyes On Me!" today:  25
Number of Girl Scouts at our meeting this afternoon: 17
Number of times I've had to wash my hands to get all the glitter off: 4 and counting
Number of hours it took to get homework done: 1.5
Number of times I had to tell the girls to get back to work: 50
Number of boxes of Mac N' Cheese I will serve for dinner: 2
Number of minutes I sat staring at this screen because I had mentally gone awandering: 5
Number of minutes until bedtime: 258
Number of times I will check the clock until bedtime: probably around 100

Now it's only 257 minutes....

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Run away! Run away!

So, you remember your Mama's gathering you in their arms and gently reminding you, "If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."  Welllll, let's just say I'm going to listen to my Mama and keep it nice.  As in, short.  

As in, between all the extra volunteering I got myself into and the regular (and somehow increasing) drama in Dramaville, I am currently seeking my own personal Fortress of Solitude.  

My own Bat Cave with secret entrance.  
My own Cloak of Invisibility.
My own Member Only Club, population Me.
My own Universe Pause Button.

You get the idea.  So, pardon me while I get my shovel and pick and start digging my way through the next few months, because no matter how I've tried to go over, under, around, or avoid it all, the only way is through.  

I know, right?!